When you order frozen items a frozen box charge (£9.50) will automatically be added to your cart.

We will refund the difference if your box is of smaller size (i.e. S or M size).

For small size we will refund you £4.00, and medium size £1.50.


£9.50 per 1BOX


・If your item is NOT delivered on time, on normal hours between (9:00 〜 18:00), unless items had melted completely, Please note we cannot arrange you any compensation.

・ If you are concerned about the defrosting of frozen items, we recommend that you put a timed delivery. (Please refer to the specified shipping and handling fee.)

・We cannot offer deliveries on Mondays and the day after bank holidays, if your order consists of frozen items.

・ UK frozen delivery to other countries are not accepted.


一律 £9.50/箱









・ 重量、箱数により料金が変わる場合があります。その際は必ずご連絡させて頂きます。





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