NEW Sado Koshihikari 5kg新米
佐渡 こしひかり

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The characteristic of the climate of Sado Island is influenced by the Tsushima current flowing off the coast. In winter, the temperature is 1 to 2 degrees higher than the mainland, while on the contrary summer it is cooler than the mainland about 2 degrees. In the climate climate of Sado Island, the period of fertilization of rice is long, it is ripening thoroughly and delicious rice grows. That leads to the taste of Koshihikari Rice. Harvested 2017 Rice polished th  2017.

佐渡島の気候の特徴は沖に流れる対馬海流の影響を受け、冬は本土よりも1~2度気温が高く、逆に夏は本土と比べ2度ほど涼しくなります。 佐渡島の気候風土では、稲の稔りの期間が長く、じっくり登熟し、おいしいお米が育ちます。それが、佐渡島産コシヒカリの美味しさにつながっております。 

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