Brewed Hakkaisan Yakai 720ml 八海山 特別本醸造 720ml


Founded in 1922 Yakai brewing is in the county Minamiuonuma known in Japan as a producer of delicious Koshihikari . Rice water use and selection of Uonuma , Niigata Prefecture , and Japanese sake brewery continues to build all the time. Brewed its position as the alcohol standard senior Hakkaisan , the spring water from sediments of the system at the foot Hakkaisan " Shimizu, like lightning , " using a polished high (55%) good quality rice produced in Niigata Prefecture has been in granite ( five million ) to The raw materials are low temperature fermentation brewed as long building Daiginjo . Bodied with good aftertaste , and a wine tasting featuring a round bulge .


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