We will send you details of your order, please always check. In addition, you will receive an email confirmation Even two days after sending your order, you'll likely have not received your order for any reason. Cross your fingers or by phone, email, please contact us at.

You can choose how to handle your case is out of stock orders at the order form. "You want to contact" those who chose, we will contact you by phone to substitute around 1:00 the next day. Case they do not contact us, please note that may delay the shipping date. "Cancel" if you choose, the Nukashi out of stock items will receive only stock items. Please note that I will contact you.

Product changes, Cancellations, please contact the order by 12:00 the next morning be sure. See 「Return」 please click here.

  Please check payment page.
  And packaged goods will be sent one by one carefully. In addition, shipping will be paid after confirmation always.
  We send an email of your final order details and amount to pay.
So, please check your updated email.



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