Ibaragi Koshihikari Rice 5kg


Japanese Mixed rice is made by mainly crop from Ibaraki prefecture.

Ibaraki Prefecture is blessed with green mountain areas such as Mt. Tsukuba and Mt. Yachimizo, and also lakes and lakes such as Lake Kasumigaura and Kitaura, and Tone River, Kogai River, and Kinugawa River. It will rain in June, and fine weather will continue in July and August, and the weather in Ibaraki, which is ideal for growing rice, will dry in September, and will produce delicious rice.
Rice fields in a blessed climate have protected not only rice making but also the natural environment and the rural scenery of the hometown.
Ibaraki's "Koshihikari" has a sticky, sticky, triple pace, and it is delicious rice with sweet and sour taste that bites and bites, and I am delighted with the second largest harvest in Japan next to Niigata Prefecture. 




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